Pittsburgh Area Citadel Alumni Club


Greater Pittsburgh Area Citadel Club
Scholarship Application
Applicant’s Name: _______________________________________________________
Address: _______________________________________________________________
Phone number _________________________ Date of Birth _____________________
What high school do you attend? _______________________ GPA: ____________
Intended Major: __________________________
Have you received other financial aid to attend The Citadel? _____
What source?__________________________ Amount? ____________
Work Experience
Employer Length of Employment Job Description
Athletic Activities
School Activities/ Clubs and Organizations
Volunteer/Community activities
Questions: Please write answers on a separate sheet of paper:
1.) Why do you wish to attend The Citadel?
2.) What are your career plans and how will your major help you to achieve them?
3.) What extracurricular activities do you plan to participate in at The Citadel?
4.) What other colleges or universities have you been accepted to attend?
5.) Please define “Leadership.” How do you see it in your academic, community or business endeavors?
6.) Why do you feel you are the best choice for this scholarship?


A copy of this as a Word document can be found here: Scholarship application.doc

All Scholarship Applications should be mailed to the following Address:

Pittsburgh Citadel Club Scholarship Committee

Trinity Cathedral

325 Oliver Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15222