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Citadel Ring

The Citadel Ring – is positioned at the corner of the Citadel’s parade ground.  The Ring welcomes all guests and Alumni as they come on Campus.

The Ring has undergone a good shining up, and is back to it’s proud spot on campus!



March 2017 Muster

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We recently had the pleasure of welcoming General Rosa to Pittsburgh. Below is the group photo from that great evening!


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Alumni and Friends of The Citadel,


Club Member Walter Bunt received The Citadel’s Life Achievement Award and was honored at Saturday morning’s Homecoming review.


Previous Award winners are listed below:


Recipient, Class, Year Presented

  • Thomas P. Lesesne, 1901, 1940
  • Lewis Simmons, 1912, 1952
  • John W. Moore, 1900, 1954
  • James W. Duckett, 1932, 1974
  • David S. McAlister, 1924, 1977
  • Milton A. Pearlstine, 1919, 1978
  • James A. Grimsley, Jr., 1942, 1980
  • Thomas C. Vandiver, 1929, 1984
  • John M. J. Holliday, 1936, 1993
  • Tucker Weston, 1939, 1994
  • William B. Sansom, 1964, 2000
  • Nugent Courvoisie, 1938, 2001
  • Carroll N. LeTellier, 1949, 2002
  • Edwin B. Hill, Jr., 1949, 2003
  • Ernest F. Hollings, 1942, 2004
  • Robert A. Daniel, 1949, 2005
  • John R. Baker, 1950, 2006
  • Dudley Saleeby, 1966, 2007
  • Stephen C. Tobias, 1967, 2008
  • Arthur H. Baiden III, 1962, 2009
  • Joseph P. Riley, Jr., 1964, 2012
  • Lloyd Mahaffey, 1978, 2013
  • Walter F. McTernan III, 1972, 2014
  • Joseph W. Trez, 1969, 2015



Annual Muster 2016







David Preston’s Presentations on Braddock’s Defeat

Professor David Preston spoke today in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on his book, “Braddock’s Defeat.” His first presentation before 100+ high school students at Woodland Hills High School focused on Braddock, PA and its historic past. Woodland Hills High School includes Braddock and North Braddock, PA, the site of the famous battle under General Braddock and George Washington. At his presentation, Professor Preston shared his authentic British soldier redcoat with the students in describing the significant events of the battle. He also presented the high school with an autographed copy of his book, as well as a blown up map of the battle overlaid on contemporary Braddock streets.

Over lunch, at the Duquesne Club in Pittsburgh, Professor Preston spoke concerning his book to 100 history lovers. Participants included business leaders, judges, the Honorary Consul from France and a former ambassador of the United States, now living in Pittsburgh.

Of interest were Professor Preston’s discussion of personally traversing Braddock’s original road, and his canoeing of the Allegheny River, which was part of the French route from Canada to Pittsburgh.

Professor Preston’s appearance in Pittsburgh was sponsored by the Pittsburgh Citadel Club. The evening before his presentations, he was welcomed at a dinner for 30+ Citadel alumni, spouses and friends at the home of a Citadel alumnus.


For higher resolution versions of the pictures, as well as the ability to download them, please visit: https://flic.kr/s/aHskpKVnKW
Ladies and Gentlemen —

I wanted to share with you a photo of me and club president David O’Brien taken at yesterday’s club meeting.

At the start of the meeting, David asked me to come to the front of the room with him and to me surprise, he presented me with a handsome Citadel watch in recognition of my five years of service as president of the club.

The members of this club have been great to me over the years and I can sincerely say that the work I did as president was truly a labor of love. Many of you may also remember a few years back when I lost my Citadel ring, the club members chipped in and awarded me with a new one.

I wish to thank you again for your kindness and generosity towards me over the years and I am proud to be associated with each and ever one of you.





Above is the William J. Pat Magnotti award being made to Cadet Chris Blake. Cadet Blake is a rising senior and received a $5,000 scholarship to further his career at The Citadel. The other Cadet in the photo is Freshman Ty Buckiso. Ty is the grandson of Pat Magnotti ’63 and is at The Citadel on a wrestling scholarship. Lynn Magnotti, Pat’s wife and Marci Buckiso, Pat’s daughter are also in the picture.


Congratulation to Cadet Jim Jenkins of Band Company recently named 1st Sargent for the incoming Summerall Guards. This designation means that Cadet Jenkins is the second ranking cadet on this precision drill team. Cadet Jenkins is a proud member of the Pittsburgh Area Citadel Club.

Cadet Jenkins played the bag pipes for us at our Christmas gathering at The Duquesne Club. Cadet Jenkins as well as his sister Grace, a freshman at the Citadel, are both on full Marine scholarships.

The Pittsburgh Area Citadel Club enjoyed the night at The Duquesne Club to celebrate 2014 and the Holidays. Cortez Allen and his family joined the club members for the celebration!

If anyone would like higher resolution versions of these pictures or to see more of the holiday fun, the full album can be seen here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsk4PFCww

Shamus Gillen, from the Citadel Admissions office, visited Pittsburgh for an event held at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in downtown Pittsburgh. The College Fair had over 5,000 local High School juniors attend from the Greater Pittsburgh Area. Walter Bunt, David O’Brian, Mark DeGurian and Lynn Foltz supported Shamus in his efforts there.

Shamus Gillen Recruiting in Pittsburgh - 2015


Ladies and Gentlemen –

After hearing presentations and meeting with representatives from The Citadel Foundation on several occasions, the Pittsburgh Area Citadel Club will be establishing a scholarship fund at The Citadel earmarked specifically for Western Pennsylvania athletes and academic scholars who will be attending The Citadel.

Club officer Walter Bunt and his wife Nancy have agreed to provide the initial funding for a memorial scholarship on behalf of the Pittsburgh Area Citadel Club in the amount of $100,000.  Officers from The Citadel Foundation will be attending this year’s Holiday Reception at the Duquesne Club on Dec. 18, to receive the check.

This substantial gift will initially serve to provide a partial scholarship for a worthy young man or woman from Western Pennsylvania to attend The Citadel funded by the members of our alumni organization.  The $100,000 Bunt donation will create an endowment that will exist in perpetuity and the annual scholarship will be funded by interest on the principle.

The hope is that other members of our club who are able to contribute to the fund also will add to the endowment to augment the scholarship over time.

As part of our role and responsibilities in creating this endowment, members of the Pittsburgh Area Citadel Club will have the opportunity to recommend scholarship recipients, interview candidates and provide mentoring for them throughout their four years on campus. One of the primary concerns expressed to me by the Bunts is that the student chose a field of study that will give them the best chance for career success after graduation.

We will need club members to serve on the interviewing committee and to act as mentors.

I hope everyone will join me in celebrating this tremendous opportunity we have to help transform the life of a deserving future Citadel graduate and make a difference for our college. The Citadel is in the midst of a major fundraising campaign and this contribution from our club will go a long way towards  helping our alma mater achieve some of its goals.

It took several years and a tremendous effort by our members for The Citadel Alumni Association to finally name the Pittsburgh Area Citadel Club “Club of the Year.” We finally received the award last year and we were named a “Gold Star” club once again this year.

From my prospective, the folks in Charleston are finally beginning to see what I have known all along – that you will hardly find a community of Cid grads more dedicated and committed to supporting The Citadel than you will here in Pittsburgh.

Yours truly,

Tim Grant


Below are pictures of the Magnotti Award presented by General Rosa to Cadet Brian Cown, a rising senior. Last year’s winner Cadet Hindman is presently 2nd battalion Commander. Thanks to the Magnotti Family!


General Rosa and Club members celebrating Club of the Year Award after Friday Evening Retreat Parade – Mark DeGurian, Lee Foltz (original member), Dick Osterling (original member), General Rosa, Tim Grant, President, Bill Sickles (original member), Dave Domino, Paul Pienody, Bruce Thens (original members), Patrick Nugent, former 2012 Regimental Commander and Club Member


Citadel Football players and Cadets celebrate the team’s victory against Samford University in the end zone with Citadel Club Alumni after the game on Home Coming weekend as well as Pittsburgh’s Club of the Year award.

Front: Jason Lhota, Tim Grant (Club President), Dave Domino

Back: Paul Pienody, Lynn Foltz, Ryan Bednar (center), Matt Larkin, Darien Robinson (FB- scored 3 touchdowns) Bob Bednar, Jonathan Dorogy (slot back), Mark DeGurian, Evan Murray (Cadet 1st Lt, Airborne, Upper St. Clair) Jim Jenkins (Bag Piper, Cleveland, Oh, Ranking Sophomore Band Company)


Receiving Citadel Club of the Year Award from General John Rosa at the Alumni Center.

Tom Philipkosky , Director of Operations, Monongahela Pa., President of the Alumni Association, Tim Grant, Dave Domino, Mark DeGurian, Lynn Foltz, Lee Foltz (original Member of Pittsburgh Club in 1961) Dick Osterling, Original Member.

Club Directors meeting with General Rosa outside of Alumni Center with Club of the Year Award— Mark DeGurian, General Rosa, Tim Grant, President of the Club, Lynn Foltz, Dave Domino and Tom Philipkosky


Citadel 2013 Annual Muster Formation Group Photo

Pittsburgh Area Citadel Club group photo at the 2013 Annual Muster